School Background Fall 2018

Hello School Friends,

Summer is over and it's time to send the Munch-kins back to school ... Woo Hoo!

We have a beautiful new background this Fall, hand painted by the famous Les Brandt. This is a versatile background that lends itself to Fall but will look great in your home all year long. We recommend Fall clothing in Browns, Blues, Burgundy and Purples along with all complimentary colors. 


We look forward to capturing your Angel's beautiful expressions and showing you extraordinary portraits of your favorite little people. Please feel free to call Lisa at the studio, (904) 262-3080 with any questions you may have or for clothing suggestions. 


Please Note ... The following images have been retouched and enhanced, a service we offer on our school order form. Please See Retouch / Artwork in the Bonus Items Area, Option "SB"


God Bless



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