Confirmation Candid Images 2016

I have been capturing Confirmadi receiving their sacrament for over 30 years.  I have a few suggestions to insure your image will be a wonderful memory. 

1) Step up to arms length from the Bishop. Too close will result in an image too cramped, too far back and the Bishop has a hard time reaching you. (Image 1)

2) Wear your hair pulled back so I can see your face in this profile picture. (Image 2)

3) If you have bangs, do not lift your hair for the Bishop, He will push your bangs aside. (Image 3)

4) Ask your sponsor to stand far enough behind you that I can see their face as well. (Image 4)



Finally, Stand Tall, Head Up and Be Proud!

You worked hard to have the honor to receive this special sacrament. 

Congratulations ...

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